"In Paradisum deducant te angeli et habeas requiem"

Angels are calling,
They're singing my name
I've been caught in the meadow
And hung in the air
When the last stars are falling.
I'll sleep far away
Let them carry me over
To heaven

Warriors are flying to paradise
Ten thousand beacons standing in line
Preaching salvation, the future comes
No more infection, the world as one!

Strive and stand - clean the land
Obbey the call - redeem us all

Time, how precious is time
When life goes by
Time, how needless is time
In paradise

Out in the night
By the moonlight, I'll miss you
Somewhere above, I'll be watching below
Turning all hate to purity
Providing peace and tranquility
Making your dreams alive
Bringing love to you heart...

Spread you wings and fly
Join me up in the sky
Angels lead us on
Through the wilderness of fate