I feel her slipping away,
I've done the best that I can
There's nothing more left to say when it's over.
I call her friend for advice, she says,
"I'm sorry," I ask what she means,
She says she told her we broke up.
Why am I the last to know my fate?
I take a deep breath and call her
I can no longer wait,
But it goes straight to message
And I'm deep in the zone,
Cause it's 12:45 and you said you were home.
I don't know why you hide from me,
All those times you said you'd die for me.

Don't go turning your back on me,
Don't go walking away.
Maybe you and I weren't meant to be,
But don't go walking away

I'll make it easy for you
And say the things you can't,
I know we're growing apart and it's alright.
Told you that this day would come
And you'd go off on your own,
So don't you get second thoughts
Cause the deal's done.
I try to be the bigger men and let go,
But suddenly I start to wonder if there's more to the story.
It doesn't matter either way in the end,
Because you'll fall in love again
And there were others before me.
Still it's hard to say goodbye,
But it's even worse to live a lie.

Don't go walking away