The holidays come, you find yourself alone again
It's such a striking reminder
And Valentines come with no return address
You can't find her

Seems like April Fool's, but the punchline never comes
You tell yourself, "Give it time, summer's comin' and you'll be fine"
But the sun beats down and all I'm doing is thinking about you, about you
Every day is a day without you, love is gone and I can't sleep

One day I'll be looking back
Until then this is all yours to keep
"Give thanks it could be worse"
At least that's what you tell yourself, and it's almost convincing.

November comes on cold, I swear that you don't know what you're missing
Christmas time again, the loneliest of all, the fear of how to make it to New Year's
Raise your glass and toast to the one you miss the most
And promise that you won't be doing this again in twelve month's time