My past is present in an hour glass dress
My head is spinning and I can't get my breath
I'm drinking doubles just one thing on my mind
I'm glad to see her but I wish I was blind

She makes her entrance and she looks like a dream
My fingers tremble but I can't feel a thing
My knees are shakin', I don't think I can stand
I don't talk about running boys, I don't think I can

I said it's over and I thought it was true
My discomposure makes me feel like a fool

My past is present with some stranger in tow
Why she looks happy boys, I don't want to know
So much confusion makes me feel like a clown
My past is present, and it's bringing me down

I told my friends that I was really okay
Then she walks in with him and blows me away

All conversation has just come to an end
This situation's really doing me in

My past is present and it throws me a curve
I want to tell her but I don't have the nerve
I used to hold her in the palm of my hand
My past is present I just don't understand

Somebody help me just to hold back the years
My past is present and there's gonna be tears

I've tried to tell myself it's all a mistake
My past is present and it's all I can take

My past is present