Hey, little kid that I saw at the bus stop one day
It was nearly midnight in Honolulu (Lulu)
We were waiting for the shuttle to take us to the aeroplane
When your mother said, your mother said
Like I couldn't hear her, she said,
"Get the fuck away from me!
Why don't you ever shut up?
Get the fuck away from me!"
Oh, oh

Well, I just want to say that it happened
'Cause one day when you ask yourself,
"Did it really happen?"
You won't believe it, but yes, it did
And I'm sorry
And I'm sorry
'Cause it happens everyday

They won't believe you
When you tell them
They won't believe you
When you say, "My mother, she did not love me.
My mother, she did not love me"

No (no) [x8]

Some days you feel like a cartoon
And people will rush to make excuses for you
You'll hear yourself complain
But don't you ever shut up please
Kid, have your say
'Cause I still love you
Even if I don't see you again