Mary, are you sleeping? Mary, I'm afraid
Mary, can I live up to the choice that God has made?
Jesus, can You tell me here upon my knee
What kind of father will I be?

What can I give to You, You, made from miracles
That God has given me to keep?
I can't give much to You, You, made from miracles
But I can hold You as You sleep

What can You learn from me, You, made from miracles
When I've so much to learn from You?
What can a man like me offer the Miracle
Who taught me miracles come true

Tell me how to guide You? Tell me what to say?
Tell me how to show You how to show the world the Way
How to please the angels watching from above
When all I have to give You is love

But if it's love You need, You, made from miracles
Then take my hand and hold it tight
And I will give you love, sweet, little Miracle
That God has given me tonight

Sweet, little Miracle, oh, what a miracle
That God had given us tonight