You're not ready for me yet
But I'm not fool enough to feel
I'm man enough to make your tender heart forget
All the happy hours, the moments you flew with him
All the songs you used to sing
And all the things you used to do with him

The trip you're on, you have to make
It's up and down, it's round and round
It's part of life again called give and take
You took his love when he was here but now he's gone
All you have is just a memory
And though it's beautiful
It's somethin' you can't live on

You're not ready for me yet
But when you are I'll open up another door
And you'll see that I can show you
Another world you've never seen before
I'll show you colors that you're eyes have never seen
And together we can both have dreams
That neither one of us has ever seen

I'll just hang it up for now
But I won't let you out of sight
'Cause maybe somewhere in the night
You'll come to me somehow
And together we can fly and then your eyes will let you see
All the colors in my world and maybe
Just a little bit of him in me

You're not ready for me yet
You're not ready for me yet