Okay, let's begin
Compound, a substance composed
Of two or more elements
Chemically combined
In definite proportions by weight
Mixtures, two or more substances
That are not chemically united such as air
Solution, a uniform mixture of varying proportions
Of a solvent and a solute
For many of our students
This is the lesson you've been waiting for
Lesson 6
Left channel, right channel
Hydrogen, H plus one
Sodium, Na plus one
Magnesium, Mg plus two
Aluminum, Al plus three
Potassium, K plus one
Calcium, Ca plus two
Chromium, Cr plus two, three, six
Any physical difficulty
With a record or a turntable
Is taken care of
Do you think that Led Zeppelin
And Frank Sinatra would go together?
Edit, no combinations of music
You're about to play a soul, 45 rpm recording
But the turntable is set at 33 and 1/3
And the record plays very slowly
Let's pick up the tempo a bit, eh?
Now, let us imagine
That you are in the middle
Of your disk jockey program
This is the mark of a professional
Yeah, if you could throw a couple yeah, uuh
Right, when he's playin' the drum, you know
Let him play a couple beats alone, euh
Uh, oh, I'm sorry I had the turntable at the wrong speed
Aah, listen to this, scratchin', the greatest thing on earth
What do you do? What do you do?
Toggle, wow, drop
Chemical change, a change that alters
The composition of the molecules of a substance
New substances with new properties are produced
From now until your next lesson
We want you to study carefully every section
Of lesson 6 and to go back over lesson 4
Practice carefully, and you will be ready
For the new techniques and new situations
We will cover together in lesson 5