We learn to wear these masks so young
Like a prison that keeps joy from getting through
And an angry silence grips our tongues
These weapons and our walls become our tombs
We’re the kids who’ve seen the darkness
Always looking for a light
You fall in love and then the rains come down
And only part of you survives

Come surrender your hidden scars
Leave your weapons where they are
You’ve been hiding, but I know your wounded heart
And you don’t know how beautiful you are

I’m tired of hiding who I really am
Underneath these alibis
I want to know who you really are
I want to meet you here tonight
We're not born with these defenses
We’re not destined for this pain
We hide ourselves and put the fig leaves on
But a mask can never cover up this shame

Where we’re headed is a world apart
From where we started, we’ve come so far
I’ll take my chances
Honey, you can have my heart
Cause you don’t know how beautiful you are

Love surrender! (Let your walls come down)

Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are

And all the ashes from all these dreams
I’ve seen the beauty of fallen leaves
And someday, maybe we’ll find out what it means
And you’ll find out how beautiful you are
Yeah, you’ll find out how beautiful you are