Dear blue sky
Are you afraid to die
Do you fear you’ll never see the morning?

And the twilight comes
And you lose your sun
Does it come to you without a warning?

When the ???????
How will I know
When the carbon bonds that hold me
Start to let go

Is there someone buried
Beneath this skin?
And is he free when I am lost
In my coffin

Dear moonlight
When you shine at night
Do you fear you’ll use up your resources?

With the sun as king
Do you feel for it’s string
When the higher powers run their courses

When the rain falls down
What brings it back?
Opens the resurrected cloud
From white to black
It’s a second birth
Under this skin
My coffin
My coffin


Resurrection comes
But death comes first
All of our entitlements and rights
Will drive the hearse
I’m bleeding death
Death is unmade
The minute I lose myself I’m saved
From my coffin