Well, I've had a wonderful time. I think I'd better be going in now.
Gee Dodo, didn't you forget something?

Don't I get a little kiss goodnight?
Dear, you'll have to wait, I've never done that on the very first date
Don't I get a chance to hold you tight?
Though I'm in a whirl, I hope you don't think that I'm that kind of girl
Looking in your eyes can make me weak, dear
Please, just your cheek, dear
No telling what I would do for a little kissing
And what'll you do if my father's listening?

If we kiss you may not call again.
Swear with all my might I'm going to call you for Saturday night
Dear, why can't the kiss just wait for then?
Got me so perplexed, I really don't know what to say to you next
Breaks my heart how near it is
Well, ok honey, here it is
All of this for a tiny little kiss goodnight

Mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm
Let me kiss you pet?
I wanted to kiss you the minute we met
Mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm
I'm the kind of guy
That doesn't mind powder all over his tie
It's getting awfully late, we'd better get, dear
One cigarette, dear
This time, don't look at the clock up in the steeple
Ain't it a shame when you're working people?

Do you have a hero of your dreams?
All he'd have to be is really and truly in love with me
'Cause you and I see eye to eye, it seems
I would give and give and what would I care if the two of us live
In a palace or a tent
Darling, may I pay the rent?
Oh, yeah
All of this from a tiny little kiss goodnight