Nobody's born with a broken heart
Once there was a restless father
Who walked out on his one and only son
And now he's saving up to buy a guitar
So he can write his own redemption song
Lonely is the wayward mother, she says
"I swear I'm gonna get it right one of these days"
But once you let somebody break you down
You just get used to feeling that way
But I say

Nobody's born with a broken heart
There's a young man living under the freeway
He sleeps in any warm place he can find
And he's still looking for the strangers
Who gave him green eyes and a restless smile
He spends his days on Beggars' Corner
As the people toss their coins and move along
One day a strange man with a guitar sat beside him
Closed his green eyes and played the boy a song
Hey hey

Nobody's born with a broken heart
I've met so many people
Chained to circumstance
And they're not asking for a miracle
All they want is a second chance
Sing hallelujah
Sing any song you wanna hear
Sing a song of redemption
Sing away, sing away your fears

Nobody's born with a broken heart [x2]