It's nice to sit on the highest cliff
For a minute or two
And it's nice to ride a stallion or go sailing in a galleon
With a good crew
And it's nice to walk the clover
When its wet all over in the morning dew
Did you ever see a dogs nose quiver when the wind blows
That's me with you

Breaking up the fresh bread throwing crumbs on the bed
I'm a lout
Smiling at the wall and tying up a shoestring
I'm going out
Happy as a heffer chewing the cud
Happy as a bubble in mud
Did you ever hear a tune slide swinging from the inside
That's me with you

If you take some yellow add a little bit of blue
You're bound to get green
And if you keep a horse from water sooner or later he turns mean
Well its nice to have a nibble
But don't you go and let it spoil the meal
I'm a feather from a black crow beady on the hedgerow
That's me with you

Well its nice to stroll when the storm is gone
And it all smells new
And its nice to seem wise when you've only surmised
And you haven't really got a clue
When you think you are done and no one sings your song sing blues
Tougher than a toenail tighter than a cats tail
That's me with you

Soft as whiskers on a horse's chin
Just like a Cheshire cat, I'm good with a grin
Like an eight nine ten jack queen with a king
Happy as King Arthur and his magic blade
Sleeping by the lizard in the shade
Happy as a fox out on a midnight raid
Happy as a landlord when his rent gets paid
I'm just like an egg that's fresh I'm newly laid
Yes me with you...