I think I'm just a little more lonely
Then I was yesterday
My world's just a little more helpless
Thoughts they drift away
Acquainted with my own disaster
Familiar with the pain
The world's not turning any faster
SO I think I'll end my stay

I remember how it felt
When I was standing in the rain
Looking 'round for any sign of you
But you were gone
Knowing in my heart
I'd never hear you softly say
I'm here with you
In the solitary rain

I've spent just a little time running
From things I0ve never seen
Are we sure that the end is coming
'Cause it doesn't bother me

I remember how it felt
Just like forever
There alone
Like I'd never make it back
To anything I've known
Back to where there's something
Come walk with me
In the solitary rain

I've come this far
And still I see
It's hard to realize
But I know the flame's still there
Until the light subsides
In unfamiliar places here alone
This cold dark place
I'm lost within
The mirror always proves
The past is shown

Sola Dolor
Et vanitate

Fly away
Take me to a higher place
As I leave this life
I will see you there in time