Died with open eyes
Like millions of others
Enshrouded in darkest pain
All hope lost
Crime of the century
Trauma induced terror
Subatomics reflect
Fusing man and stone
Nucleus radiates
Seismic waves
Molecules split
Edge of existence
Fueling their greed
Fires engulfing
Growing loss
Need for violence
Taking human life
Without thought of consequence
Abomination of mankind
Eye for an eye
Forced the hands
Of revenge
Catastrophe, atrocity
Killing for a cause
Militia, portrait of hate
As the sky unfolds
Scattered bodies
Lie in the wake
Of human decay
Enemy of nature, black rain
Children murdered

Search for survivors
Identify the dead
Siblings mourn
Only pieces to recover
Quarantine the stench
Rescue impossible
Anti government stance
Ultimate penalty paid in full
Unnumbered multiples
Dying swiftly
Blood lines severed for eternity
Infection of man
Killing your own
In the name of genocide
Public viewing the obliteration
Devastating travesty