Stained souls
Humanity deprived
Manipulation for greed
Feeding of broke system
Power hungry authority
One world. One religion
New world stance
Solar worship
Dark majesty
Secret society
Cult of intelligence
Skull and bones
Mark of corruption
Invisible to the naked eye
Plagued economies
Force feed your lie
Hide behind the walls
Laws of the land
Corporate actions
Overextend the means
Terms of hypocrisy
Prey on the innocent
Compromise to the republic
Achievements forlorn
Computer chip implant
Sold to you. Illusions
Plans within plans
Exchange the currency
Where is your god?
Your final sentence
Self realized epidemic
Burden of proof
Denied redemption
Step on the common man
No salvation
Past lives degrees
Solar tolerance
Since the beginning of time
A thousand points of light
Entwined from the start
New world standards
Sublinked to the powers
Christianity abolished
Encoded global domination
Petrified in false
No choice of true
Fixed on systems
Conceisive efforts
The great seal
Days of hunger
Pulling my strings
Tear my right
Purged of emotions
Diplomatic sanctions
Mankind enslaved
Failed democracy