Tell the band they'll have to wait
Ain't no time to hesitate
Cause you and I are tied to fate
Whether you like it or not

You don't have to tell me twice
I ain't too proud to take advice
With a heart as cold as ice
You're the sugar to my spice

It's alright if you need a little time
Baby I don't mind, I'll be on the line
It's alright if you get a little scared
Life's unfair, but man I swear I feel love in the air

What is done is in the past
They say the good things never last
But you and I are falling fast
I'd like to test that theory out

We're raising up three children now
Little Mary, Elloise and Townes
Took me a while to figure out
Just how lucky I am

Tell St. Peter at the gate
Yeah you might be running a little late
Old man's gonna have to wait
Cause I ain't done with you yet

Said I'd hold you as the sun goes down
Ain't no need to wander around
Tell the kids to gather round
Man that's as good as it gets