Merry-go-round with mermaids and swans
Joker's pale face and devilish bones
See all those dwarfs and feel that they feel
Imagine Your tongue pierced with a steel...

Smell of fresh blood is spreading its spell
Naked horny bitches are ringing the bells
Who is going to find You,
Who has that right?
Put on Your mask back
And hold it there tight!!!

Come, fucking bastard, join us together!
Diabolical party is running forever
We spit on Your dreams making them wet
Give us Your blood, all tears and all sweat

We will be pleased to rip out Your heart
But never forget to pray for High Art
It makes You the feeling You are still on this world
Your Highness is coming, for what were You born?

Get down on You knees and beg for quick death
Merciless wizard will suck Your last breath
Then look at Your face,those empty, cold eyes
They will tell You the truth about all previous lives
He gives You the wings so leave all this shit
Your mask is eternal, Your body is dead

Above the mountains, forests and lakes
Think of all dreams You have ever had
Then look at Your face, those empty, cold eyes
They will tell You the truth about all previous lives.

Are you surprised? You definitely should not be...
You have chosen Eternity filed with the agony
Have You forgotten who is giving the cards?
Put on your mask back and hold it there tight!!!