after gala night,

if says, Mystery

of soprano's flight!Mystified

baffled Surete say,

we are mystified -

we suspect foul play!

Bad news on

soprano scene -

first Carlotta,

now Christine!

Still, at least

the seats get sold

gossip's worth

its weight in gold ...What a way to

run a business!

Spare me these

unending trials!

Half your cast disappears,

but the crowd still cheers!


To hell with Gluck and Handel -

It's a scandal that'll

pack 'em in the aisles!D***able!

Will they all walk out?

This is d***able!Andre, please don't shout ...It's publicity!

And the take is vast!

Free publicity!But we have no cast ...But Andre,

have you seen the queue?

Oh, it seems

you've got one too ...Dear Andre

what a charming gala!

Christine enjoyed a great success!

We were hardly bereft

when Carlotta left -


the chorus was entrancing,

but the dancing was a

lamentable mess!

Dear Firmin,

just a brief reminder:

my salary has not been paid.

Send it care of the ghost,

by return of postQ


No-one likes a debtor,

so it's better if my

orders are obeyed!Who would have the gall

to send this?

Someone with a puerile brain!These are both signed O.G. ...Who the h*** is he?

Opera ghost!

It's really not amusing

He's abusing

our position!